Level 3, 103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000

Hayball HQ




Cosentino Group




250 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Hayball HQ

Hayball is one of Australia’s prominent architectural firms with nationally acclaimed designs across the country. Their new Melbourne headquarters was built and designed to reflect their great design heritage, comprising of two levels where FABCON was honoured to construct a central showpiece for their project. ⁠

The design brief was to supply a stair that matched the elegance of the office space which provided FABCON the opportunity to explore the boundaries of engineering, design and fabrication tolerances. This included multiple design mockups of the balustrade to present to the client and consulting engineer for approval.⁠

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FABCON specifically employed a special technique to get the stair to the site in a raw form, completely void of imperfections and prepared for painting. This enabled Schiavello painting division to easily paint the stair directly after installation with no lengthy program delays from surface preparation.⁠

For the team at FABCON, the finished result exceeded our own expectations, inserting a moment of pride in our craft and further perpetuating our passion for architectural stairs.⁠