Level 3, 103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000

191 Salmon St


Gray Puksand






191 Salmon St, South Melbourne

191 Salmon St

Today, Port Melbourne is fast becoming Melbourne’s hot spot in new developments to cater to the growing demand for new business headquarters, logistic centres, warehousing, and even Melbourne University offices.

The commercial fit-out of 191 Salmon street required an upgraded canopy and internal AV structure.

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The upgraded canopy required droppers to fix sails to the existing canopy to give a new appearance and shelter below. However, before the team could carry out work on the canopy, there had to be an assessment of the existing structure. The inspection found corrosion may have compromised the structure’s integrity after the main frame had taken on water. Fabcon then used a corrosion expert to analyse the frame with ultrasonic testing equipment, allowing the team to further work with CMET Technology to create a corrosion mitigation plan.  

Thereafter, the team was confident in carrying out their work and added new testing ports in the existing structure to allow for future corrosion tests. 

Because the 10m high structure was affixed next to the building and atrium windows, one-way bolts were used to eliminate the need to drill through the large structure and the risks associated with welding. 

Internally works began without challenges, with a multi-level AV wall erected in the atrium. The structure would become a focus and conversation point for those who gathered in the open space.