Level 3, 103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000

Judo Bank




Block 1




Queen St, Melbourne

Judo Bank

Like many other projects, the engineering and design of the Judo Bank three-level stair involved a range of considerations, such as load capacity, structural integrity, and material selection.

However, the Judo Bank stair put the Fabcon team through more creative thinking to develop unique solutions to bring together the Architect’s vision (explore the finished project in 3D below).



Take, for instance, the balustrade, which on closer inspection, reveals it is made up of three pieces sandwiching the woven steel mesh sheet that emulates the Rattan furniture finish. At the same time, a covering hides its external fixing to the stair, making it appear like legs from a piece of Rattan furniture.

It doesn’t stop there, from the smart wrap-around white spandrel and fine wood joinery to the inset LED sofit lights, there has been a lot of consideration to bring the Architect’s desired look to the finished stair.

And as impressive as this is, you could say it was more impressive in how it was erected within three weeks – just before client handover.

Big thanks to the Fabcon team and our partners for setting another benchmark.