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Fabcon forges a new path in the collaborative design process with architects, elevating construction efficiency and architectural design intent

In the ever-evolving world of construction, collaboration and early stakeholder involvement have become integral to achieving successful project outcomes. Embracing this trend, Fabcon, a commercial architectural stair builder from inner Melbourne, has begun forging relationships with Architects to address the design process at its inception. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the architects’ design intent while simultaneously reducing risks, resulting in seamless manufacture and installation of stairs.
Architects, driven by their pursuit of unique and visually captivating stairs that harmonise flawlessly with their architectural vision, recognise the technical complexities associated with stair construction. By engaging Fabcon at the early stages, the architects tap into their specialised knowledge and expertise. Their valuable experience navigating building codes, selecting suitable materials, engineering connections, and addressing structural requirements enables architects to translate their design intent into a premium functional stair.
The collaboration between Fabcon and Architects extends beyond technical proficiency. Architects gain access to invaluable insights that fuel innovative design possibilities by involving the stair builder from the very beginning. The builder provides expert guidance on feasibility, construction methods, material choices, and design decisions’ impact on the stair’s functionality and aesthetics. This collaborative process brings the architects’ vision to life, resulting in spectacular designs seamlessly integrating stunning stairs.
Beyond design enhancements, early contract involvement by Fabcon significantly mitigates risks and reduces potential cost overruns. Working closely alongside architects, the team diligently identify any design flaws, construction challenges, or conflicting elements that could impede the project’s progress later on. Their input on constructability and material availability allows for accurate cost estimation, minimising unforeseen expenses. By addressing these concerns at the onset, the project progresses smoothly, sparing costly rework or design modifications during the construction phase.
Fabcon’s commitment to value engineering plays a crucial role in optimising the staircase design without compromising quality or aesthetics. Their expertise in cost-effective construction techniques and alternative materials allows architects to concentrate on the balance between functionality and visual appeal. Fabcon can also suggest innovative approaches that save time and reduce expenses while still meeting the highest architectural standards.
Another advantage of early contract involvement is how it strengthens client relationships, elevating the overall client experience. Architects are able to present clients with realistic visualisations of the final product, including the awe-inspiring stairs that will often be a centrepiece of the office space or building. This collaborative approach allows clients to provide feedback on the staircase design early in the process, fostering confidence, transparency, and increased satisfaction.

Noticeably, the trend of early contract involvement between stair builders and architects is becoming more common, but perhaps no more exemplified by Fabcon, pushing a new standard for architectural excellence. Their unwavering commitment to leveraging their stair-building expertise, enhancing design intent, mitigating risks, and reducing cost overruns signifies a paradigm shift in the industry. By embracing this professional approach, architects can create remarkable stairs, elevating their design vision and functionality to unprecedented heights.