Level 3, 103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000


Director Profile

Fabcon® was established in 2010 by the owner and director Hamish Christie, with a small team operating out of a single factory in Bayswater, located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Hamish’s vision for Fabcon was to provide a high quality steel fabrication service for construction projects across Melbourne. Using his previous engineering experience, he implemented core business principles, values and operation standards to ensure he was using the best available technology and skill level in each project. The new startup quickly developed to surpass its original targets as the businesses core principles began to take shape and firmly place the newcomer as a highly recommended steel fabricator.

Over ten years later, Fabcon has grown to be a recognisable company within the construction industry with a large team of skilled operators and numerous factories.

Keeping to the original principles and values, Hamish has succeeded in making Fabcon renowned for their construction methodology, problem solving, employing state-of-the-art technology and efficient project management in steel fabrication.

Today, Fabcon finds itself in a unique position emerging as a pre-eminent architectural stair fabricator in Victoria with many projects becoming a central piece to the architectural design. Importantly too, our stair fabrication has become preferred due to their extremely high-quality powder-coated finish that benefits the reduction of lengthy onsite fabrication processes. Architects also consider it as an unrivalled finish that compliments their design goals.

With a growing team and ambition to set new precedents in steel fabrication, Fabcon looks forward to the construction industry’s future.