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Architectural Stairs

Since 2010, FABCON has worked hard to become a recognised specialist in architectural stairs, with many stair projects becoming part of the central focus of the architect's construction. For this reason alone, the fit and finish of the fabrication have been made second to none to ensure it compares to the quality of the interior design.

Renowned for setting a precedent in the industry for the highest quality stair is by no means accidental, as FABCON applies a number of engineering principles to each stair project that also benefits the client in other areas.

Starting with fabrication, the team produce prefabricated parts to incredible tolerances at their factory, which only then need to be moved and installed on-site. The confidence in the pre-build is down to their construction methodology and technology used, which ultimately saves time compared to constructing the stairs on-site.

During the fabrication, FABCON can powder coat each part to an unparalleled quality that has become widely accepted by architects as an unrivalled finish that also helps on-site painting by mitigating preparation.

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Focused On Risk Mitigation

Once fabrication is complete, the parts are transported and moved into place with experienced operators that have planned the movement of each part with an accuracy and skill level that gets the team into the tightest and highest of locations. While all the time ensuring maximum safety and regulations are followed.

Installation is completed with rigorous quality checks and follow-up adjustments so that each stair meets FABCON's own criteria, which others are benchmarked against.


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